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Registering Your Puppy with DOGS NSW

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Our Puppies are sold with DOGS NSW limited or mains papers. You will be provided Certificate of Registration and Pedigree for your puppy once you have paid and collected your puppy, or posted via mail if freighting or if paperwork was delayed. All paperwork is stamped with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) logo and has your dachshunds Pedigree history, microchip number, breeder's details, ANKC registration number and Date of Birth. On the back of the Certificate of Registration and Pedigree

is a form to be filled out by the new owner and signed by the breeder 'application for registration of transfer of the dog'. Once filled out you are to send the Certificate of Registration and Pedigree with the application for registration of transfer of the dog filled in and payment to the canine council (Dogs NSW).

You can choose to become a member of the canine council like DOGS NSW, especially if you plan to breed, show or compete in other events. If you live outside NSW you can apply for a membership or transfer your dog to your states canine council  e.g. DOGS QLD, DOGS VIC etc.

Limited registrations are given to puppies for pet homes and Main registration is given to those who would like to show or later breed from their puppies.

If you plan to breed from your puppy you will need to apply for a breeders prefix from your local k9 control council e.g. DOGS NSW, DOGS VIC etc. Registered dogs are not permitted to breed with non-registered dogs and / or dogs with limited registration.


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