My dog just attacked, Help!

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My dog has injured or killed another person or animal.

What are my rights and responsibilities?

When a dog has attacked and injured a person or animal, an owner may be liable to pay damages for veterinary bills, medical bills and possibly the replacement of the victim animal. An owner can also be open to criminal prosecution under the Companion Animals Act and can be disqualified from owning a dog for up to 5 years if found guilty. A person in control of a dog who causes the dog to inflict grievous or actual bodily harm on another person can also be open to prosecution under the Crimes Act. 

If a person dies as a result of the injury caused by a dog, the ability to make a claim for damages will be extended to the deceased’s family members.

In some circumstances, home and contents insurance policies may cover damages associated with injury or death caused to a person or animal, even if the injuries occurred away from the insured premises. 
Where a dog has injured or killed a person or animal, it is possible for the Council to make an order declaring the dog dangerous.

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