Interested in a mature dog?


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Not everyone wants to deal with the puppy stage and not every home is happy-ever-after. A rehomed dog doesn't mean your new adopted pet was neglected or unloved with behaviour or medical problems. There are many reasons such as the tragic passing of the former owner, owners health changes, divorce, financial strain, renters unable to find 'pet-friendly' rentals, an x-show dog, the birth of a child with allergies or blending a new family has its challenges too. All animals develop quirks and that's what makes each of them special.

Rehomed are desexed.

Pricing - is case by case, pending on the current owner.

If you are interested in a mature dog, send me an email and outline the following.

Age preferred:

Young - under 3 years

Middle-aged - under 10years

Senior - 10 - 15 years, plus

Why do you think a mature dog is best for you?

Do you have any restrictions?

Where do you live?

How active are you?

What are your work/travel commitments?

Have you owned a dog/dachshund before or currently?

Do you have small children or regularly have small children stay with you?