Puppy Buyer & Seller Agreement

Contract of Sale

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Contract of Sale for Breeder / Seller & Buyer

Table of Contents

Definitions used herein including

“BUYER” shall be defined as OWNER #1 and if applicable OWNER #2 as outlined on page 2 of this puppy contract.
“SELLER” shall be defined as AASHUDNA registered by Heather Coles.
“PUPPY” shall be defined as a PUPPY registered with the ANCK body such as DOGS NSW with the details outline on page 1 under PUPPY DETAILS of this puppy contract. A PUPPY is one (1) day old after twenty –four (24) hours of being born.
“SPECIAL INSTANCES” shall be defined as unforseen, unexpected

“COLLECTION” shall be defined as the transfer of the PUPPY to the BUYER directly or by third party. e.g. Airfreight, courier, agent, friend or relative.
“WHELPING” shall be defined as date of birth of PUPPY.

“WORKING DAYS” shall be defined as a SELLER’s choice of current licenced veterinary clinic / hospitals open hours e.g. Monday to Saturday are the clinics working days. Shall NOT be defined as the veterinarian’s days of work / shift.

“FREIGHT” shall be defined as 3rd party COLLECTION arranged by SELLER or BUYER(S). e.g. Airfreight, courier, agent, friend or relative.

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