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Mature Miniature Smooth Black and Tan Dachshund female for adoption

Regretfully, I am looking for a new home for a mature desexed female. She is an entertaining strong-willed girl who needs an owner who is kind but equally strong-willed, so not to become ruled over by the dachshund. I am rehoming this beloved girl as she is domineering my other dogs. She was born Oct 2011 she is 6 years going on 7 years (Middle-aged). She has no major behaviour problems and is well behaved but has quirks not suited to everyone. She is kept indoors and generally outside of a day-time.

  • House trained
  • Child-friendly / tolerant
  • Cat-friendly (sometimes)
  • Not overly destructive
  • Barking is controllable and not an issue
  • Very responsive to food rewards
  • Loves car rides and being brushed/groomed
  • Enjoys small walks
  • Prone to over-eating
  • Barks at other unknown dogs
  • Can be fearful of new people; particularly unknown men; typically fine with children
  • Can be demanding, with inside time, petting or requesting treats
  • Pulls when walking
  • Hates thunder and fireworks, settles when inside

Health Issues

  • Overweight
  • When stressed may get dry itchy skin patches
  • Allergies to some scented candles

 We are looking for a new owner who matches the below.

  • Willing to take on a mature dog
  • Willing to stay in contact
  • Preferably owns no other dogs or has a smaller sized dog
  • The ideal home will have no multiple steps and access to a secure yard
  • Have landlords/body corporates approval prior
  • The main owner will be female, preferably older
  • The main owner to have experience with dogs
  • Single or couple without or with older children preferred, visiting grandchildren ok
  • The main owner/spouse or other family members to be a non-baseball cap wearers
  • Adoptee owner preferably lives within 2 hours of Penrith NSW

Adoption will be on a 2-week trial before signed over to the new owner.

Interstate adoption at adoptee expense, if trial not successful the adoptee owner will return her to me at their expense.

Adoption Fee $500. Desexed, health checked, up-to-date vaccinations, (excluding a kennel cough) transfers of microchipping

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