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6 weeks a very busy time

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What a big week it has been all puppies got a vet checked, micro-chipped, wormed and vaccinated on Saturday, all very healthy fat little puppies as per Gary the vet. All puppies got a lot of fuss and attention at the vet. On the way out we had to do a quick head count to make sure none ended up in an admirers handbag...(joke). 

On Sunday I advertised the puppies for the 1st time. I have been uninitiated with phone calls and inquiries and have taken deposits from some very lovely excited families who we will finial get to meet IN LESS THEN 2 WEEKS!!! Laughing 2 puppies are going to the ACT and maybe a 3rd, I might have to start up a community page either on facebook or on this website so you can all meet up for play dates. Wink

Photos Photos gee puppies just wont sit still like they did a few weeks ago. They are eager to run, roll, explore and oh camera what dose that taste like??? I have to be quick or they lick the lens on me. This week puppy no1 our big boy was the one wanted to roll off the lounge and run and play (lucky there was a blanket on the floor). Puppy no8 our lil fluffy bum wanted to eat and managed to roll herself up in the fluffy pink blanket I use as a background setting. Puppy no5 Mr Chocolate Drops only wanted his behind taken...hmmm.


Pup 1 Male SOLDPup 3 Female SOLDPup 2 Female SOLDPup 4 Female SOLDPup 5 Male SOLDPup 6 Male SOLDPup 7 Male SOLDPup 8 Female SOLDPup 9 Female SOLD 


















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