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What is this Longhair business?

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I have had the question what is recessive longhair asked a few times and as a general rule those how ask there are 5 who don't but would like to know.

So Recessive longhair as you may or not know there are 3 coat types in the breed, Smooth, Long and Wire. Longhair coat is recessive to smooth, which means both parents must be longhair or carry the longhair in the gene in order to produce long coated progeny. Long hairs do not have a coat the is continuous like a Maltese or shih-tze they reach a certain length and stops growing.


We have traced back 6 generations there are no longhairs in our lines so the breedings must trace back further 20 plus years ago.

However, we do not expect the coat to develop as if the puppy came from 2 longhair parents see the picture below of this dogs beautiful coat.

Red long hair maleBut we are expecting a coat which has the longhairs on ears & tail and a slightly longer body coat than the smooths. Please understand it is hard to predict when neither parent is longhair.

The picture below is what we are expecting our puppys coats to be like. Great for those who like the look of the longhairs but want the easier management of the smooth.





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