Angels litter 5 Weeks Old

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This week Angels litter is 5 weeks old. Just when I thought I could relax with Carlie’s puppies placed happily in their new loved homes. NO time for relaxing, we have another litter to attend to and they are energetic and loveable just the way they should be. 

They are eating well and we are encouraging them to try new and different types of foods such as meats, some they like more than others. E.g. chicken over beef, this can change overtime. These three are eating the kibble more than previous a litter which is interesting as all my litters are raised the same. I guess it takes one to enjoy it and then the others follow.

My puppy pack leader is definitely the black and tan girl, the boys follow her lead. She is the strongest and fastest puppy from birth, but the boys are starting to catch up and close the gap.

The Chocolate boy is very homely, loves his area / bed and will often have a little play and then sit and play with toys in his bed. The black and tan boy is just typical little puppy.

My Nephews with the puppies

School holidays are here woohoo for kids however, I have noticed that parents are a little more cranky...not sure why. My lovely 2 nephews visited me 6 and 5 years of age, in my opinion they are fantastic with the dachshunds. I have taught them how to pick up the dachshunds with 2 hands one at the front and one hand at the waist or on puppies between the back legs to support the back. The boys like to banter between themselves about who is or isn’t picking the dachshunds up correctly. I don’t really mind, as it demonstrates to me the practice of picking up the dachshunds is at the front of their mind.

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