Puppy Buyer & Seller Agreement

Contract of Sale - 8. Limited registration

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8. Limited registration

8.01. A PUPPY brought on LIMITED REGISTRATION means the PUPPY can’t be showed in ANKC events or be bred from.

8.02. A PUPPY on LIMITED REGISTRATION comes with DOGS NSW pedigree papers.

8.03. BUYER is required to transfer PUPPY’S LIMITED REGISTRATION Papers into their name at a cost of 42.50 for non-DOGS NSW members or $37.00 DOGS NSW members; (Published rates current as at 07/2017 and are subject to variation by DOGS NSW).

8.04. BUYER(S) can upgrade to MAIN REGISTRATION, within three years of PUPPYS DOB, BUYER(S) are required to gain permission and signature of the SELLER and a fee of $800.00 will also be payable to the SELLERS as payment for the rights to use SELLER’s prefix. (This does not include DOGS NSW or other ANKC body’s ‘application for transfer’ please refers to Scale of Charges of the BUYER(S) choice of ANKC body).

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