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Commonly asked questions

Why do I need to fill out a expressions of interest form?

We use it as a waiting list / notification alert when we have puppies born we sort through the applications starting from the oldest. All applications are categorised Sex, Colour, Pet or show / breeding quality. It is ok, if you have changed your mind or found a puppy elsewhere.


How do I improve my chances of getting a puppy?

Be honest; if you are not too fussed on sex or colour don’t limit yourself in the selection.


Why all the questions on the puppy application?

It helps open the line of communication between myself the breeder and the new owner. If you have basic pet / dachshund knowledge it allows me to assist with guidance and education about the breed to ensure the new owner can make a informed decision.


How do I know you have received my puppy application / expressions of interest form?

You will receive a confirmation email, if you don't it means that your email address was wrong. Don't forget to check your spam folder. If you do not receive the confirmation email feel to email me or re-submit the form at a later time.


Are you a registered breeder? 

We are registered with our local council and are a mini dachshund registered breeder with DOGS NSW part of ANKC. Our puppies with disclosure prior to purchasing can be registered for export overseas, used in show and other ANKC sporting events and for the intended use for breeding if sold to another registered breeder.


How often do you have puppies available?

Rarely, we love our females dearly. We only plan a breeding if we are planning to keep a puppy for ourselves or have new owners in mind. Dachshunds unlike other breeds have small litters 2-4 pups and we only breed twice over a 2 year period if required (our mini dachshund girls are not brooders and will not be treated as such). On Average we would have 6 pups per year.


When are puppies ready for their new homes?

After they are 8 weeks and 12 weeks for pups being freighted interstate, providing the pup is ready. Some finicky eaters maybe kept an extra week.


We live interstate will you freight my puppy?

Yes, I will freight however, I do prefer local pick up so that I can meet the buyer and the buyer can meet the parents of the puppy before final payment. When freighting payment is required to be cleared upfront prior to booking the flights.  The buyer is welcome to choose their own freight provider although we are an agent of Jetpets and have very good rates we can pass on.

If you would like a estimate on freight please contact Jetpets on 1300 668 309 collection is from Penrith (Outer Western Sydney) NSW 2747 via Sydney Airport.


I don't drive how can I collect my puppy?

Jetpets can arrange collection to and from both destinations. Please contact Jetpets on 1300 668 309 collection is from Penrith (Outer Western Sydney) NSW 2747 to further understand their full service offer available.


We live overseas will you export to my country?

No, I do not have a problem with my puppies travelling overseas. However, I am not able to commit to the time and needs of a buyer in another country at this stage.


Do you kennel your dogs?

No our dogs are our pets and live inside/outside depending on weather. We do have pens which can temporary house our dogs to help prevent unwanted breedings.


When you have a litter do you keep your puppies outside?

No our puppies are raised indoors with monitored outdoor playtime outside.



Deposits are ONLY accepted when we have a strong healthy litter over the age of 2 weeks. Prior to this we pencil potential owners in. 

I comply with NSW council 

Go to:

and verify my council Breeder ID: B000678899 OR use my DNSW member number 2100065525 and confirm the puppies M/C numbers. 

Where I advertise

  • Personal facebook ''
  • Facebook page 'sydneydachshunds'

The phone number I use is 0422369962 no other phone number will be used. I will not solely communicate via email, txt or messenger alone, Iwill speak to buyers, I will ask questions about the prospective buyers to ensure the puppy being sold is the 'right-fit' for that buyer.

I DO NOT advertise on FREE advertising websites like GUMTREE unless stated otherwise. I pay for my advertising.


Breeder Philosophy

Becoming a top quality dachshund breeder doesn’t happen overnight. Nor, does it mean you have an interest in breeding your dachshund ‘just for fun’.

A successful breeder is one who knows the virtues and faults of all the dogs in a pedigree for 3 generations. The breeder must have the judgment to pick the best puppies and the willingness to eliminate the breeding stock of all defective or substandard specimens.

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