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Hello world, our miniature black and tan dachshund Chessie welcomed four healthy puppies on Tuesday 30th May 2016. 3 boys and 1 girl are approaching 6 weeks old this is the best age and I just adore them at this time as I mention every time we have a litter and they're this age. The world is so new and it is so funny the reactions the puppies display when they are introduced to something new. If you have been following our facebook page ( this litter is no surprice then. However, for those who do not have facebook and do check up on us time to time, 'SURPRISE' we have a very healthy litter of four. 

Below is a few photos taken of the puppies at 5 weeks.

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Acovagem Carlie EIC has missed out on attending Earthdog for a few seasons, what a Great start to the season 2016 coming home with a qualifer in Novice Earthdog. "One more PASS Carlie and you will have your Novice Earthdog (NE) title".

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This week Angels litter is 5 weeks old. Just when I thought I could relax with Carlie’s puppies placed happily in their new loved homes. NO time for relaxing, we have another litter to attend to and they are energetic and loveable just the way they should be. 

They are eating well and we are encouraging them to try new and different types of foods such as meats, some they like more than others. E.g. chicken over beef, this can change overtime. These three are eating the kibble more than previous a litter which is interesting as all my litters are raised the same. I guess it takes one to enjoy it and then the others follow.

My puppy pack leader is definitely the black and tan girl, the boys follow her lead. She is the strongest and fastest puppy from birth, but the boys are starting to catch up and close the gap.

The Chocolate boy is very homely, loves his area / bed and will often have a little play and then sit and play with toys in his bed. The black and tan boy is just typical little puppy.

My Nephews with the puppies

School holidays are here woohoo for kids however, I have noticed that parents are a little more cranky...not sure why. My lovely 2 nephews visited me 6 and 5 years of age, in my opinion they are fantastic with the dachshunds. I have taught them how to pick up the dachshunds with 2 hands one at the front and one hand at the waist or on puppies between the back legs to support the back. The boys like to banter between themselves about who is or isn’t picking the dachshunds up correctly. I don’t really mind, as it demonstrates to me the practice of picking up the dachshunds is at the front of their mind.

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Angels puppies are going very well. She is such a good Mum. It has been sad to see Carlies little girls go this last week. Both Molly and Daisy are with their new Mums and Dads, I still have Chuck and Beu but not for too long now. I will miss them dearly when they go to their new homes! They are developing such strong personalities.

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We are proud to announce that Angel had her puppies Saturday 5th March 2016 the birth went very well and the puppies are developing at a fast rate. I have been a bit quiet on Angel's announcement as I had a mixed feelings about her pregnancy success as Carlie required vet assistance, but as it turns out all that worry was for nothing. Thank Goodness!

So we welcome 1 black and tan male, 1 chocolate and tan male and 1 black and tan female.

My 7 week old puppies.... they are a lot of work, I wash about 7 towels per day to keep their bedding fresh, plus the other Mums bedding in separate wash. Plus mopping several times per day and hosing the back patio as the little puppies don't make to the grass for their business very often. 

I also cook the food for both Mums and puppies and feed them small regular servings throughout the day, but this is what I signed up for. However, because of the extra time needed for the general doggy/puppy needs I haven't been able to update the blog and take photographs until tonight...finally.

The KIDS were very active last night, as I went to put all the puppies to bed in their crate / tent they had a sudden burst of energy (11pm at night). Daisy, Ellie, Ben (Dad) and Carlie (Mum) also joined in the puppies playtime. ALL 8 of them ran a muck in my rumpus room, after about 10 minutes I had a thought I should be filming this. So I grab my phone and took a 5 minute movie of them I have uploaded this to YouTube and embed it to the website. I hope you enjoy it, I know I enjoyed watching them all. Good news they all went to bed with very little crying, either that or I flaked

So, back to the 7 week old puppies they are all so very individual with their own little personality developing. 

Chuck - Chocolate and Tan Male (Big) is by far the most adventurous. Pitch black last night and he was outside away from all the other dogs and puppies catching moths near the water bowl at the back of the house. Head down, bum up, tail wagging the bugs would flap in his mouth and he would jump back and forth pouncing on them. He has been the first to do everything, open his eyes, walk, adventure outside, lap milk. He is very energetic and happy that tail is always wagging he could almost fly away. Chuck and his brother Beau look very alike so we put a collar on Chuck to tell them apart.

 Beau Obi - Chocolate and Tan Male (Smally) is the most chilled of the puppy gang. He is very playful like most puppies however, this one is very responsive and I think might be very easy to train loves human interaction. He generally comes when called and will often follow Chucks or his chocolate sister's lead.

Chocolate Girl - Might be called Ellie or (something else I can't remember, bad furbaby momma, I know). A sides from having the most beautiful eyes, this weeks photo they look green, as those blue eyes change to amber, she has a sweet nature. But lil miss loves to play rough she bashes up Chuck and Beau all day. She can be bold and independent at times much like Chuck but plays a lot with her brother Beau.

Daisy - Black and Tan girl is the most communicative. I can see Daisy having a very strong bond with her owners, she urges human companionship and is the type of girl to follow you from room to room. She generally keeps close to familiar surroundings and studies new things for a period of time before investigating. She is highly observant and will make a very good watchdog.  When feeding the puppies I put up a barrier so my older dogs don't eat the food on them. On Sunday Daisy observed me put food out and milk, she loves puppy milk. Poor Daisy was the last one to be put inside the penned area, she was desperate up against the cage on 2 legs, barking and wagging her tail to get in and have HER milk. Unlike the other puppies who just want to play.


Don't force, ENTICE

Gary Priest, Animal Care Training - San Diego Zoo Global

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That soft fur, those floppy ears, that quizzical look that draws an "awww" from the most hardened cynic. Yes, puppies are cute.

They are also a project that can require the patience of Job and the stamina of the most selfless parent.

Puppies tie you down, drag you out for a walk even when it's 30+ degrees outside and sink their tiny teeth into your favorite shoes. They offer boundless love, granted unconditionally. They also provide their share of frustrations.

My role THE BREEDER is now preparing these little dachshund puppies to everyday exposures, so they can handle small stresses to prepare them for big stresses. It can be a challenge, how do you as an example expose them to a vacuum cleaner where its positive experience for the puppy? From the puppy's view vacuums are loud and they appear to chase you and have no face. When items like plastic or bedding get stuck on the end the vacuum has that high pitch whistle, to a puppy could sound like a animal in distress. A vacuum to a puppy is a predator.

How I introduce the vacuum to my puppies. 

The vacuum sits in the main room for half the day, the dachshund puppies walk around it as it's just another object.

We play with their toys around the machine, stick their toy under the vacuum head and push it around the room, with the vacuum off. We encourage the puppies to play and steal the toys back, the boys are much more courageous at this task. The puppies soon lose interest and start playing with each other. While they are distracted we have another family member take the vaccuum out of the room and while I play with the puppies and hand feed them some soft foods. In another room the vacuum is turned on and used. Play is encouraged the whole time while the vacuum is in use. The active vacuum is never brought into the room where they are, not until this action has been done several times over a few weeks.

This is just one example of how we approach exposures. Some puppies will be fine others will retain the fear, others can go through stages. The best thing the future owner can do is be a wear when your puppy / dog is afraid and equip yourself with knowledge on how to handle this when the situation occurs and not after the fact. This can prevent further behaviour problems from developing. Exposing your puppy / dog to various exposures continues throughout its life and there is no reason to put up with undesirable behaviours, if they do happen to develop. There is help out there, you can start by enrolling your puppy into puppy pre-school. What may appear to be basic trick training is fundamentally so much more than that. It socialisation for your puppy with other dogs but its socialisation with you the owner in a positive environment. It provide the new owner with basic training aids and a platform to really ask those hard questions with an experienced dog handler.

Enjoy our new updated photos of our miniature dachshund puppies. Their little eyes are starting to change colour from blue to amber in the chocolates.

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Their eyes are wide open, they have teeth and they are getting up on those back legs. Won't be long and these lil puppies will be into everything, but right now we are just going to enjoy them as they roll around in their bedding and make new growls and barks for the first time. Our darling 1 year old Chessie black and tan female can not wait for this litter to come out and play. Chessie slowly creeps forward to the bed where the puppies and Mumma Carlie are and will nudge and lick the puppies to play. Carlie will give her the stink eye and Chessie knows not to come into the bed, with a dreamy look Chessie will rest her head on the edge of the bed, tail wagging watching the puppies roll around and fight for mums boobs. 

Our 3 week old photos today, these puppies really are growing very well. Mum ran out the door and the puppies tumbled out of the bed trying to follow her, those back legs just aren't quite working for them yet, as they moon-walk backwards across the lounge room floor. The little black and tan female made her way in front of the TV cabinet, its black but highly reflective, she saw her reflection and gave BIG defensive bark. My husband and I laughed at her and I scooped her up and took her picture with the camera hence the not so happy face. I kinda have a feeling she not camera loving she keeps facing her bottom to the camera.

Caught the lil chocolate girl with her tongue out had to but that one online, but the small chocolate boy who is now bigger than the big chocolate boy was great. I placed him in front of the camera and he didn't move.... allowing me to get a lovely clear I picked him up and moved him in a new position and he did move again, seriously a Big WOW!

I also promised to get a picture of Mumma Carlie, I remembered this week. She gets a little shy with the camera flash but I managed to get a semi ok picture of her. When I uploaded her picture to my PC I notice she had water around her mouth which makes her look grey, but do tell her that she won't let me put it on the

Feeling Blessed Todaycool


3 Previous Puppies from Carlie and Bens litter 2013

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In 2013 Carlie x Ben's litter gave us two Chocolate and Tan Males and a Black and Tan Female. Below is a few images of their puppies all grown up. As you can see they are just beautiful and I would like to thank their owners for keeping in contact with me and sharing these photos.

Our 14 day old photographs

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Tuesday 9th February 2016

Mummy Carlie our Black and Tan Miniature dachshund is doing a wonderful job all the puppies have gained over 500 grams in 1 week. Very Impressive! 

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Tuesday 2nd February 2016

This is really mean for to put cute pictures up, but it's nice to share how my miniature dachshund puppies are developing at 7 days / 1 week of age. I do apologise for those who are desperately waiting on me to let them know if I have a puppy for them, but I need to wait and see how they develop.

Puppies are very healthy and ranging in weight from 430 gram to 485 grams. The 2 boys are identical and only 30gram weight difference between the 2 and I have never had this in a litter, I have always had distinguishing marks between similar puppies but not this time.

Mum is looking great she is maintaining a healthy weight (and some extra) and is very alert and responsive. I didn't take her picture I will next time.


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Sunday 31st January 2016

Our dear Carlie, miniature black and tan dachshund gave birth by caesarean on Tuesday 26th January 2016 being Australia Day. 

She gave us 4 healthy puppies 2 boys and 2 girls and I am proud to report that for the last 5 days the puppies are gaining weight everyday which is a very positive sign and a real testament to mummy Carlie. 

Due to unforeseen complications we believe that it is in the best interests of Carlie and her future health that she goes into retirement. Once Carlie is recovered from puppy raising and surgery we plan to desex her and she will remain in our care. laughing As a positive this will allow her to catch in her Earthdog trials, as she generally misses out half the season because she is on heat and not able to participate. She is one of the better earth-doggers and has a keen nose for finding the most unusual things, but has not achieved Noice title in Earthdog, yet.

Because we plan to desex Carlie, her litter might be kept for future showing and breeding prospects as both parents are PRA clear. Some of the puppies may not be suitable for show homes and will be placed in pet homes, we do have a number of buyers in mind. Unfortunately, we can not let these pending buyers know at this time if we have pet puppies available we have to wait and see how they develop.


I comply with NSW council 

Go to:

and verify my council Breeder ID: B000678899 OR use my DNSW member number 2100065525 and confirm the puppies M/C numbers. 

Where I advertise

  • Personal facebook ''
  • Facebook page 'sydneydachshunds'

The phone number I use is 0422369962 no other phone number will be used. I will not solely communicate via email, txt or messenger alone, Iwill speak to buyers, I will ask questions about the prospective buyers to ensure the puppy being sold is the 'right-fit' for that buyer.

I DO NOT advertise on FREE advertising websites like GUMTREE unless stated otherwise. I pay for my advertising.


Breeder Philosophy

Becoming a top quality dachshund breeder doesn’t happen overnight. Nor, does it mean you have an interest in breeding your dachshund ‘just for fun’.

A successful breeder is one who knows the virtues and faults of all the dogs in a pedigree for 3 generations. The breeder must have the judgment to pick the best puppies and the willingness to eliminate the breeding stock of all defective or substandard specimens.

© 2019 Sydney Dachshunds or AASHUDNA kennels, no information or images are to be distributed without written permission, prior. In the event permission is granted or for the purpose of social sharing, credit must be provided to Sydney Dachshunds or AASHUDNA kennels. Any social media, which attracts damaging or a negative image for those who represent Sydney Dachshunds or AASHUDNA kennels, if claims are unfounded, the individual will be proceed against legally.

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