Australia Day Celebrations


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Sunday 31st January 2016

Our dear Carlie, miniature black and tan dachshund gave birth by caesarean on Tuesday 26th January 2016 being Australia Day. 

She gave us 4 healthy puppies 2 boys and 2 girls and I am proud to report that for the last 5 days the puppies are gaining weight everyday which is a very positive sign and a real testament to mummy Carlie. 

Due to unforeseen complications we believe that it is in the best interests of Carlie and her future health that she goes into retirement. Once Carlie is recovered from puppy raising and surgery we plan to desex her and she will remain in our care. laughing As a positive this will allow her to catch in her Earthdog trials, as she generally misses out half the season because she is on heat and not able to participate. She is one of the better earth-doggers and has a keen nose for finding the most unusual things, but has not achieved Noice title in Earthdog, yet.

Because we plan to desex Carlie, her litter might be kept for future showing and breeding prospects as both parents are PRA clear. Some of the puppies may not be suitable for show homes and will be placed in pet homes, we do have a number of buyers in mind. Unfortunately, we can not let these pending buyers know at this time if we have pet puppies available we have to wait and see how they develop.