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Carlies Litter - 7 Day Old Photos

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Tuesday 2nd February 2016

This is really mean for to put cute pictures up, but it's nice to share how my miniature dachshund puppies are developing at 7 days / 1 week of age. I do apologise for those who are desperately waiting on me to let them know if I have a puppy for them, but I need to wait and see how they develop.

Puppies are very healthy and ranging in weight from 430 gram to 485 grams. The 2 boys are identical and only 30gram weight difference between the 2 and I have never had this in a litter, I have always had distinguishing marks between similar puppies but not this time.

Mum is looking great she is maintaining a healthy weight (and some extra) and is very alert and responsive. I didn't take her picture I will next time.


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