Carlie x Ben's 3 Week Puppies


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Their eyes are wide open, they have teeth and they are getting up on those back legs. Won't be long and these lil puppies will be into everything, but right now we are just going to enjoy them as they roll around in their bedding and make new growls and barks for the first time. Our darling 1 year old Chessie black and tan female can not wait for this litter to come out and play. Chessie slowly creeps forward to the bed where the puppies and Mumma Carlie are and will nudge and lick the puppies to play. Carlie will give her the stink eye and Chessie knows not to come into the bed, with a dreamy look Chessie will rest her head on the edge of the bed, tail wagging watching the puppies roll around and fight for mums boobs. 

Our 3 week old photos today, these puppies really are growing very well. Mum ran out the door and the puppies tumbled out of the bed trying to follow her, those back legs just aren't quite working for them yet, as they moon-walk backwards across the lounge room floor. The little black and tan female made her way in front of the TV cabinet, its black but highly reflective, she saw her reflection and gave BIG defensive bark. My husband and I laughed at her and I scooped her up and took her picture with the camera hence the not so happy face. I kinda have a feeling she not camera loving she keeps facing her bottom to the camera.

Caught the lil chocolate girl with her tongue out had to but that one online, but the small chocolate boy who is now bigger than the big chocolate boy was great. I placed him in front of the camera and he didn't move.... allowing me to get a lovely clear I picked him up and moved him in a new position and he did move again, seriously a Big WOW!

I also promised to get a picture of Mumma Carlie, I remembered this week. She gets a little shy with the camera flash but I managed to get a semi ok picture of her. When I uploaded her picture to my PC I notice she had water around her mouth which makes her look grey, but do tell her that she won't let me put it on the

Feeling Blessed Todaycool

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