1 week and 7 week old updates

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We are proud to announce that Angel had her puppies Saturday 5th March 2016 the birth went very well and the puppies are developing at a fast rate. I have been a bit quiet on Angel's announcement as I had a mixed feelings about her pregnancy success as Carlie required vet assistance, but as it turns out all that worry was for nothing. Thank Goodness!

So we welcome 1 black and tan male, 1 chocolate and tan male and 1 black and tan female.

My 7 week old puppies.... they are a lot of work, I wash about 7 towels per day to keep their bedding fresh, plus the other Mums bedding in separate wash. Plus mopping several times per day and hosing the back patio as the little puppies don't make to the grass for their business very often. 

I also cook the food for both Mums and puppies and feed them small regular servings throughout the day, but this is what I signed up for. However, because of the extra time needed for the general doggy/puppy needs I haven't been able to update the blog and take photographs until tonight...finally.

The KIDS were very active last night, as I went to put all the puppies to bed in their crate / tent they had a sudden burst of energy (11pm at night). Daisy, Ellie, Ben (Dad) and Carlie (Mum) also joined in the puppies playtime. ALL 8 of them ran a muck in my rumpus room, after about 10 minutes I had a thought I should be filming this. So I grab my phone and took a 5 minute movie of them I have uploaded this to YouTube and embed it to the website. I hope you enjoy it, I know I enjoyed watching them all. Good news they all went to bed with very little crying, either that or I flaked it...lol.

So, back to the 7 week old puppies they are all so very individual with their own little personality developing. 

Chuck - Chocolate and Tan Male (Big) is by far the most adventurous. Pitch black last night and he was outside away from all the other dogs and puppies catching moths near the water bowl at the back of the house. Head down, bum up, tail wagging the bugs would flap in his mouth and he would jump back and forth pouncing on them. He has been the first to do everything, open his eyes, walk, adventure outside, lap milk. He is very energetic and happy that tail is always wagging he could almost fly away. Chuck and his brother Beau look very alike so we put a collar on Chuck to tell them apart.

 Beau Obi - Chocolate and Tan Male (Smally) is the most chilled of the puppy gang. He is very playful like most puppies however, this one is very responsive and I think might be very easy to train loves human interaction. He generally comes when called and will often follow Chucks or his chocolate sister's lead.

Chocolate Girl - Might be called Ellie or (something else I can't remember, bad furbaby momma, I know). A sides from having the most beautiful eyes, this weeks photo they look green, as those blue eyes change to amber, she has a sweet nature. But lil miss loves to play rough she bashes up Chuck and Beau all day. She can be bold and independent at times much like Chuck but plays a lot with her brother Beau.

Daisy - Black and Tan girl is the most communicative. I can see Daisy having a very strong bond with her owners, she urges human companionship and is the type of girl to follow you from room to room. She generally keeps close to familiar surroundings and studies new things for a period of time before investigating. She is highly observant and will make a very good watchdog.  When feeding the puppies I put up a barrier so my older dogs don't eat the food on them. On Sunday Daisy observed me put food out and milk, she loves puppy milk. Poor Daisy was the last one to be put inside the penned area, she was desperate up against the cage on 2 legs, barking and wagging her tail to get in and have HER milk. Unlike the other puppies who just want to play.


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